we ignore you

There will be more on this later. There always is.

I read the news. The blogs. The twitter. The Facebook. I know about the frustrations. The disgust with injustice, economic stagnation, hypocrisy and inaction in government. If I don’t agree with it all, at least I understand it. And I agree with much of the anger. I really do.

I’m going out on a limb here, but if my intuition is right, then I have some unhappy news for many of you. For many of us.

Those well-written and meticulously researched jerrimiads…the people who have the money and/or power to effect change…even IF they read your beautiful words, and even IF they reflect on your well-shaped arguments…they just don’t care. They’ve long ago realized that words can never hurt. Not when they have that much money. That much power.

In the rare event that they read your words, they blithely respond with an argument that only they can make:

“We don’t care. We ignore you.”

I write this not to discourage you. You must already be discouraged. Any of us with a conscience must be discouraged. So take this as advice. Words are impossible, but they are never enough.