life as a vampire

The philosophic outlook of vampires is undoubtedly shaped by their immortality.

If you were born in 1632, or 1847, or 543 B.C., you would have a different outlook on life compared to your mortal neighbors, having been created in such recent vintages as 1939, 1974, or (gasp) 2001.

But how is their world-view shaped? Memories of the past? Wisdom from simpler times?

For those of us who study history, can’t it be said that we have learned the lessons of the past? That we have absorbed the memories of humanity from time immemorial? What do the vampires know that we don’t?

Can’t it be said that we know as much as vampires?

This may be forward of me…but could it be possible that I too am a vampire? Philosophically.

I’m thirsty, but I DON’T sparkle in the sunlight. But I do remember everything. And I don’t forget the lessons of the past.

Call me Edward. Or Lestat. Yes, please call me Lestat.


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